Painter- Restorer, Iconographer & artist Ekaterina Piskareva

 I am Ekaterina Piskareva- painter- restorer, iconographer and artist and welcome! Here you will find examples of my work, both in finished form, and in stages of progress for works such as restoration. Simply follow the Resume link to see my qualifications!


To see any of the projects simply follow the links to Portfolio, and click on any of the pictures - you will be shown works in the following categories:

- Restoration, including work on icons, religious artifacts, and other artworks   

- Iconography, done in the classical egg tempera style

- Paintings, including oils on canvas, portraits, stills and watercolors

- Graphics design and etchings

- And other miscellaneous forms of artistic work

I restore paintings and  icons on metal and wood, but with also want to share a few words about this process.


Restoration of a precious artwork can be thought of as a sick patient being brought back to health. It requires an examination, a diagnosis, and a well-thought out plan to return the object to health.


Artwork and family heirlooms are often exposed to many "illnesses:"  improper storage, climatic change or bad environmental conditions, wood pests; other simply deteriorate with time.


I am well-experienced in the processes of restoration: disinfecting the panel, returning its structural strength, gluing the panel, cleaning the darkened varnish layer, applying new filling material, retouching the painting and covering it with the new varnish.


 If you are interested in obtaining further information or have questions, you may contact me at

E-mail E. Piskareva



Добро пожаловать!

Painter- Restorer, Iconographer & artist Ekaterina Piskareva

 Здравствуйте, я Екатерина Пискарева, приглашаю Вас посетить мою "выставку" и посмотреть мои работы в разных жанрах и технике.

Я художник-реставратор, но кроме реставрации старинных икон и картин, также пишу новые иконы. Здесь Вы сможете  увидеть еще живописные,  графические, компьютерные и другие мои работы .

В разделе Resume  Вы сможете узнать о моей квалификации.

В разделе Portfolio представлены  работы по  категориям.      Каждой картинкой открывается новая страница, в которой представлена галерея  работ с подробной  информацией о них.

Приятного   просмотра!

Я принимаю заказы на реставрацию икон, картин, на выполнение новых икон, живописных  и графических работ.

Связаться со мной Вы можете здесь:

E-mail E. Piskareva


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